Artist Bio

I have always loved to draw and paint.  The first picture I remember drawing was of my mother hanging laundry on the clothesline, complete with underwear and clothespins.  I was four years old at that time.  I continued to draw and paint all the way through high school and then studied art for two years at the University of Wisconsin, Baraboo.  

As common for many artists, life got in the way of my studies.  But, I always kept my fingers in some type of creative endeavor.  Finally, in 2000, I was able to pursue art as fully as I wished; and at the age of fifty, I went back to studying art intensively.  

I am mainly self-taught and have based my studies on book research and knowledge I have gained from mentors.

My joy is in the process of producing art.  I love paint, charcoal, pastel, and the learning process; I love creating the best work I can.

My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that others can see and appreciate the beauty I have tried to capture in each piece, whether it's a commissioned portrait, a colorful abstract, or a meditative landscape. 

Despite severe physical limitations caused by a rare hereditary disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I continue to take advantage of every opportunity to paint.  Painting soothes my soul and helps focus my mind on the beauty around me.  When I paint, I am finally doing what I was intended to do. 

I hope you will be as moved by my work as I have been moved by the beauty that inspired me!     Jean Kelly






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